Straw Hats

The must have key item of the summer season couldn’t be anything else but the straw hat. The biggest fashion houses such as Dior, Jacquemus and Celine presented the trend not only as a beach style choice but also as a basic accessory of street style looks for men and women.

A white classic panama hat with black ribbon.
A light color floppy lettering hat with a black ribbon reads hello sunshine.

The types of straw hats vary in different designs, sizes and colors. You can choose through a wide range of styles the one that suits you, based on the material and size that look better on you, in order to follow the trend.

You can choose an all-time classic Panama hat in light shades, and oversized floppy in its lettering version to spread your message, a visor or a fedora hat for a western vibe.

A natural color boater hat with a green and red ribbon.
A white jockey straw hat with a black ribbon.

For those of you who do not want to emphasize too much on this trend, but at the same time want to integrate it with simple steps in your daily life, it is better to choose a boater hat for a slightly stricter and at the same time cute style or a wicker jockey hat that will upgrade every one of your looks.

A white western hat with a traditional pattern ribbon and a bird's
A white and natural color visors straw hat.

Whichever hat you choose, remember that its primary goal is to protect you from the strong rays of the sun, but at the same time to give extra doses of elegance and style to your everyday looks that give you self-confidence.

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