Wardrobe Reconstruction

If you want to change your style, start with your wardrobe!

The hardest part about changing your style and daring the different is to start organising and clearing up your closet.

It is certain that you have a lot of clothes that you have either not used them in the right way in your appearance, or you have not worn them for a long time. Based on each season, combinations of clothes vary and always changing and get renewed. Although fashion constantly changing, some pieces of your wardrobe are among the all-time classic look that you must have.

The fitting process during each meeting in essential as well as the stylistic advises from the wardrobe stylist for every outfit. The goal is to learn to distinguish the what suits you, what doesn’t and why as well as what you should avoid in terms of clothing.

It is more important to find what suits you than what it doesn’t.

The charm of the mix &match of the clothes is what makes the difference during each meeting. It is a meeting that requires time as it includes all the organization of your cloths and everything related to shoes and accessories that are in your closet and complete each outfit.

Make it memorable!

After each meeting you gain the ability to recognise what flatters you and what doesn’t, you realise your real lack of the clothes you might have and your style in now gaining ground in your daily life and overall image.

Together we will decide what you should continue having or not and we will create a list of things you want to get by adding a portion of elegance and in fashion approach to your every look!

Your image is the first impression someone has when they meet you, so make sure you express yourself through your style!

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