Denim Lovers

It is the most favorite and must-have garment for young and old. It is comfortable and durable, while it first appeared on June 6, 1850 and has become unbeatable since then.

Jeans hanging from a string outside a window.

Denim pants are separated in different kinds and vary in color shades. They are considered the safest stylish items that you have in your closet while, at the same time, with the appropriate combinations can be worn from morning to evening.

A woman with a blue denim pants and a white shirt on the street.

Kick flare pants return dynamically from the 70s and change length. They end at ankle height, flatter any body type and are ideal to wear in the spring. To achieve a slim and extra chick figure wear them with high heel sandals.

A worn denim pants.

Vintage denim pants or used pants, as we often refer to them, are those that can be worn with t-shirts and a blazer for a successful business look.

Distressed jeans return to add a punk mood in your daily life, and they will definitely not go unnoticed. Combine them with shirts and red lipstick to balance the daily comfort that they impose on you along with your femininity.

A woman wearing denim pants holds her left rear pocket.

Mom fit pants can highlight your waist and combined with a cropped top to flatter your silhouette. Invest in a vintage belt for a more elegant and in fashion result.

A group of three all wearing denim.

You can replace your pair of shorts with a Bermuda or a culotte and copy the look of the Chanel and Saint Laurent catwalks for a successful appearance.

You, who are a denim looks lover, dare a total outfit, drawing ideas from the street style looks of Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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