Hair Clips

This summer obsession is based on the details and more specifically on the favorite hair clips that have won over unruly hair.

The hair clips returned from the kit of the past in order to pass messages in lettering versions, to add shine to evening looks with colorful stones and glitter, but also to adapt to all time classic looks in your complex everyday life.

An arrangement of four hair clips.
  • Choose to use two or three hair clips in one side of your hair, leaving them down with wavy curls or the absolute straight hairstyle.
  • For those of you who love ponytails and want to avoid complicated hairstyles, make an imposing long ponytail and use the hair clips at the bottom or around it, highlighting the ponytail style successfully.
A woman wearing two hair clips is looking down.
  • You who have very short hair and love every androgyne outfit, choose to use hair clips by gathering the hair behind your ears or if you are more daring, use more pieces in all your hair for a funkier and at the same time girly result.
  • For a more basic and highly vintage result with an in fashion approach, make a French braid and use a larger hair clip at the beginning of its knitting, utilizing the trend in its most chic version for each of your office looks.
  • Woman wearing two hair clips is looking to the left.

    Whichever way you choose, make sure all your hair clips are of the same kind for an absolutely elegant and summer result, combining them with your every look!

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