They are sure to be in your closet in some of their much-discussed versions. Vertical or horizontal, it does not matter, as long as you achieve the most stylish look of the summer. Of course, we are not talking about anything other than the all-time classic stripes!

A woman wearing a black and white striped shirt lies under flowers.

You, who are a fan of many and different prints, sought to combine a floral midi skirt with a striped top or a high-waisted polka dot pants with a striped shirt for a more vintage and at the same time contemporary approach.

A woman in a red striped dress wearing sunglasses and a hat,  holding a bag, walking in the street.

But if you are one of the women who faithfully follow all the trends of each season, the color block challenges you for a feast of colors. Blue, yellow, and orange are the ones that will make the difference and successfully complete the new trend.

A woman in a red and white striped shirt holding a book above her face.

The most minimal version in summer stripes is that of one piece. Dress or overalls? You will choose! Choose them for your most every day and simple appearances and they will make it easy and fast for you to avoid the question “What should I wear today?”.

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