Sun Care

The strong and harmful rays of the sun, as enjoyable as they can be during your
summer sunbathing on the beach achieving the ideal tan, can be just as harmful to
your skin if you do not follow these 5 steps that can protect you from these in your
daily life.

  • Use sunscreen with a high protection index at least half an hour before your sun
    exposure and prefer it to be waterproof, while do not forget to renew it at regular
    intervals. It is very important to wear it even when you are not on the beach, but
    throughout the day you are on the road and exposed to the sun.
  • Make sure you moisturize your skin often by drinking at least 2 liters of water a
    day and get a thermal water in spray form to spray your face often.
  • Try to avoid dark clothes that absorb the sun and choose light colors and
    especially white, enriching your appearance with colored accessories for an
    in fashion result.
  • Adopt the must have summer accessories that are nothing more than an
    oversized hat and dark sunglasses, these items, in addition to your protection from
    the sun will also give extra doses of style to your every look.
  • Replace the savory snacks you have in your bag with fresh fruits and vegetables,
    thus, avoiding fluid retention in your body and give the healthy diet that the body
    seeks for well-being and hydration.

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