Summer Lips

If you are one of the women who have difficulty when it comes to make up, remind yourself that using a lipstick you can easily and quickly emphasize the features of your face and with a simple movement change your entire appearance.

Do not be afraid to choose bright colors, instead invest in them. The timeless red suits every woman and contains small doses of intense sex appeal like that of Marilyn Monroe. Copy the look successfully by adding a black eyeliner.

The intense shades of pink and purple refer you to an equally dynamic result, with a more barbie style romantic approach. Complete your look with an imposing ponytail and mascara.

The shades of burgundy and crimson reveal your most rock side and your dynamic character. Combine it with earthy shades and sloppy beach hairstyle.

If you are one of those who love chic nude lipsticks and dusty pink shades, make sure to complete your summer look with soft smokey eyes and long floral dresses.

Whatever lipstick you choose, prefer it to be stable in order to avoid frequent renewal throughout the day. Add it to your cosmetic case with a mascara and blush to be ready at any time for any possible summer look or business appointment.

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