The mask entered our daily lives in order to protect each of us from Covid-19.

Couple wearing face masks imitating a kiss

An inevitable part of our life does not mean that it can lift our spirits. Choose bright colors, cheerful prints or even black & white shades that will match your every look in this new everyday life.

The international fashion houses, wanting to stop the spread of the coronavirus, started sewing masks, proving that fashion has a reason and existence and can be adapted by taking a position under any circumstances.

The houses of Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Dior and Gucci are just some of those who rushed to sew masks to fight the virus that suddenly entered our lives.

Floral patterned face masks surrounded by plants.

Greek designers did not ignore the new social phenomenon. Designers such as Vassilis Zoulias, Mareva Mitsotaki and Apostolos Mitropoulos, created masks made of 100% cotton and suggest the must have accessory as a new fashion piece of your wardrobe that aims to protect your health and at the same time can lift your spirits giving a tone of optimism to your overall appearance.

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