A common mistake we make as the sun gets hotter is to neglect sun protection for the hair. We pay all our attention to the face and body and believe that the hair is not affected by intense radiation.


Just as you protect the skin of your face and body, you must protect your hair in the same way. UV rays are just as harmful to your hair.


Beach hair is a big chapter in itself. They don’t stand well, they get frizzy, and the combination with sea water and chlorine makes them incredibly dull and dry. Hair sunscreens, in addition to protection from the sun’s rays, help maintain color, moisturize the hair, while making the hair shine.


What can you do;

In addition to hats or scarves, which you should always wear on the beach as well as on your walks, strengthen the protection of your hair with special hair sprays or hair oils, which contain UVA and UVB filters to protect the hair from the sun. sun while at the same time moisturizing and giving shine.


Tip: Spray the 20′ before leaving the house on all lengths and ends of the hair, as well as on the scalp. Reapply every two hours and definitely after every dip, while combing with a fine-toothed comb so the product gets everywhere.


  1. Aveda Sun Care Veil
  2. Apivita Bee Sun Safe Hydra Protective Sun Filters Hair Oil
  3. Caribbean Coconut Sunscreen Hair Spray, Fresh Line
  4. Protective two-phase oil-emulsion in mist form Moisturizing Protective Milky Oil for Hair, Nuxe Sun
  5. Holiroots Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Oil Mist, Fable & Mane
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