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“The organisation of things
is a philosophy of life”

Marie Kondo

It is an opportunity, now that you have time to combine your favorite Netflix with the useful advises of the guru Marie Kondo. Watch her show ‘Tidying up with Mari Kondo’ and start putting your life in order.

The Japanese coach has been inspired and based on the ‘KonMari’ method which was established by Japanese values and it aims to learn you be surrounded of this that make you essentially happy in your house.

Pay attention to the chapters that refer to the organization of your clothes and start making your closet with the things that are actually necessary and make you feel good.

To be more specific, based on the experts advises, start emptying your closet and folding your clothes by category, choosing the ones that make you happy.

You have to categorize and put aside the ones you have not used from over 6 months either because you don’t like them or they don’t fit you anymore and keep the rest that suit you and make you feel nice in them. Her goal is to firstly make you leave what you don’t need and then organise your wardrobe.

Apart of her own TV series that has helped many families organize their homes, she has also written four books about the organization and sold over two million copies, while in 2015 she was included in the New York Times magazine among to the 100 people with the greatest influence in the planet.

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