Puffy sleeves are a trend that has been reviving since the 80s and has made its appearance since last winter but seems to be continuing strongly this summer as well.

fouskota poykamisa

Pay particular attention to puffy sleeves that create volume exclusively near the shoulders, as they tend to widen them. If you are tall and slim wear a dress or a combination with a voluminous pants or skirt. The result will be quite impressive.

fouskota poykamisa

A sweater with puffy sleeves would probably be the best choice for the shyest girls and the beginners.

In sweaters, the sleeves are not as voluminous, so they don’t draw attention as strongly. Wear it with your most comfortable jeans or a pair of plaid pants and you’re good to go.

Shirts with voluminous sleeves cannot go unnoticed!

Avoid jewelry especially on the neck!

Depending on its style, fabric and line, a puff sleeve shirt can accompany you on any occasion.

fouskota poykamisa
fouskota poykamisa

As for the summer, there are many dress options. Airy, sheer, elegant, monochrome or printed, dresses with puffy sleeves run the gamut of options!

Dresses with volume on the sleeves are very impressive and depending on their line and fabric they can be worn everywhere!

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