One is the color that has the same -almost- elegance as black and matches all colors. What is this? But navy blue of course.

Camel and White

This is one of the most popular combinations out there – crispy, clean and extremely elegant. You can wear it in its simplest version with a navy washed denim or tailored trousers with a white tank top or sweater or upgrade it by adding other colors such as brown to the mix. If white is too bright for you, tone it down by using beige as a color to stay in a completely neutral palette. In addition, in case you don’t know what to choose, brown accessories such as shoes or a bag will make you white-faced for many kinds of combinations, including navy blue.

Light blue

You can also try a monochromatic look by incorporating different shades of blue into the mix. This keeps the outfit minimal while also adding some dimension to the overall outfit.


The good news is that weird fashion rules like black and navy are over. Treat navy like it’s black (or at least a faded version of it) as it can be worn with everything – especially black.



Color theory is not always correct, especially in the case of blue and red, which are not complementary colors, but still work. While other shades of blue can look a little dated with red, a dark shade like navy evokes something “varsity classic”. Don’t forget, too, that red is also the color of the season.

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