The word “mom” is the sweetest in our vocabulary, full of feelings of love, care and support. Our mothers are by our side in the moments of our lives, so for this mothers day, Sunday May 14, spend your day with her. Cards, flowers and gifts are very nice, but you can also spend quality time together. Dazzy Taco has rounded up the perfect Mother’s Day movies for you to watch together.

Mother (2014)
Directed by Xavier Dolan, the film focuses on the mother-son relationship. On the one hand the voices and tensions in the house and on the other the image of the two singing together present a complex relationship. She is a mother who makes efforts to control her teenage son’s aggression but also to protect him while together they have to find the balance in their common symbiosis.

Because I Said So (2007)
A romantic comedy directed by Michael Lehmann. The case develops by projecting the classic model of the mother, a woman who is worried and wants to protect her daughter, so that she can choose the right partner.

Mamma Mia (2008)
The most famous musical “hears” in the movie, Mama Mia. An emotional comedy produced in 2008, it shows us the close relationship between a mother and her daughter. The story starts from the moment her daughter was about to get married and reading her mother’s diary she invites her three potential fathers to the island in order to find out who her biological father is, with her mother having lost the land under her feet with this development.

mother’s day (2016)
A film that will move you, but also entertain you, which presents 4 different stories about the connection of a mother with her children. We will see the story of a divorced mother who will have to deal with her children’s new stepmother, a daughter who has been searching for her lost biological mother all these years, a family who has recently lost their mother – their most important person and they try finding their footing – and a family learning about their daughter’s different sexual preference.

Brave (2012)
Choosing an animated design is ideal for an enjoyable time with mother, as the animated version is always more sensitive, but also fun. The story is based on the special mother-daughter relationship and specifically presents a teenage girl, Merida, who has a rebellious disposition and is permanently at odds with her mom. When the latter transforms into a bear, the two are faced with many developments and events bring them closer to each other.

Secrets & Lies (1996)
A successful black doctor after the death of her stepmother, searches for her biological mother. Her investigation leads her to a white woman of inferior origin, who does not at first admit the truth. As time goes on, the two grow closer and search for family secrets together. A dramatic moving film, directed by Mike Leigh.

Lady Bird (2017)
The story of a teenage girl shows us the problems she faces during her school years. Her everyday life is also characterized by the complicated relationship she maintains with her mother, a film that received 5 Oscar nominations.

Bad Moms (2016)
A movie that will make you laugh and make every mom feel familiar with what is happening in it. Three moms decide to escape from everyday life and conventional responsibilities and live their freedom. The protagonist’s change to the “good mom” form excites her children, since her new self is more fun, but later the consequences are more complex. Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore get ready for a “god crazy” movie.

Cook your favorite foods to enjoy a relaxing evening with your mother. Enjoy!

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