Dress to Impress
for Xmas

Holidays this year may not be exactly what you imagined. Unlike the previous years, you may not be able to go out and celebrate all night with your friends. However, you can still be festive and stylish at your house for those few guests you are expecting!

And remember: dressing up for you is the best way to uplift your mood!

Jeans hanging from a string outside a window.

Make your moto the phase “Dress to Impress” and choose your favorite evening dress with metallic elements or glittery sequins! Create an effortless and rock look by pairing it with a pair of biker boots that will give you all the comfort you need.

A worn denim pants.

Red is undoubtfully one of the most celebratory colors for this time of year. Use it as a base for your outfit and add many accessories and black eyeliner. You just got the ultimate feminine all-time-classic look!

A woman with a blue denim pants and a white shirt on the street.

You may have thought that sweaters are a basic and simple choice for Christmas but even if you hadn’t dreamed of it, there is a festive version of them! Choose one with Xmas details, bright color, a higher or lower neckline, whichever you love! You can pair it with a midi or a mini skirt, a pair of shorts with sequins and an opac or glittery pair of tights.

A woman wearing denim pants holds her left rear pocket.

Suits are an androgyne choice and can be worn with a shirt or a t-shirt and paired with Oxford Shoes or sneakers. But don’t just do that! Add a pair of braces suspenders with prints, a classic pair of pumps and fierce makeup, and turn this men’s clothing choice into its most elegant feminine version.


A group of three all wearing denim.
Whichever look you chose keep your positive vibes for the best that are coming. Keep your smile on and have faith in the Christmas magic for a better 2021!
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