Comfy Hoodies

Until recently hoodies used to be a cozy homewear choice without any fashionable elements. But nowadays they come in all sorts of textures, bright colors and lengths creating your most urban street style #homechallenge looks.

Jeans hanging from a string outside a window.

Cropped top hoodies combined with high waisted bottoms and long blazers can turn any strict business look into the most soft and comfortable one.

A worn denim pants.

Long hoodies paired with biker boots, tall shocks and leather jackets are replacing girly dresses paired with sneakers for a more rock approach to your afternoon stroll.

A woman with a blue denim pants and a white shirt on the street.

Sweatsuits now come in velvet versions as an extra element of elegance and comfort for the days you stay at home. Paired with a long coat and knitted scarfs make the perfect combination for a trip to the supermarket.

A woman wearing denim pants holds her left rear pocket.

If you want to experiment, go for a leather pencil skirt and a thin turtleneck under your hoodie. Turn a casual look into a #stayathome option that will cheer you up.


A group of three all wearing denim.

Whatever you choose, remember that hoodies are an essential basics item in your wardrobe since they give you comfort and warmth in every winter look during lockdown days.

So, get your creativity on!

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