Clothes that changed the world history of fashion

Fashion is a way of expression. The way you dress makes a statement without even speaking, you show your personality and your feelings. Fashion in the past has often been a turning point for the consolidation of revolutionary views. Some pioneering industry decisions have changed both the way we look at clothes and the way we perceive ourselves through them. Innovative items and clothing pieces have left their mark in the history of fashion and have led to today’s fashion.

These, are some of the clothes that marked the world history of fashion.

Little Black Dress

It appeared in 1920 and was the inspiration of Coco Chanel. Its purpose was to create an easy-to-wear, comfortable and accessible dress, which would be in a neutral color like black. Since then, it has been well established and there is at least one in every closet.


The jeas, back in 1850 where they first appeared, was a garment for workers seeking durability in their clothing. Now, they are an integral part of our wardrobe from both females and males.

New Look

When Christian Dior brought a revolutionary air to fashion in 1947, he had just created the “New Look”. A look with a strong element of femininity managed exactly what its creator wanted, to amaze the fashion world.

White Halter Dress

In 1955, in the movie ” The Seven Year Itch”, Merilyn Monroe appeared in a white halter dress, which made history. It was designed by William Travilla and is considered one of the most iconic dresses in the history of cinema.

Le Smoking Tuxedo

In 1966 Yves Saint Laurent decided to design a women’s suit. Until then, there was nothing similar. The purpose of the designer was to allow women to wear what men do but in their own feminine way. While, initially, the negative comments outweighed the positives, we now understand that it takes courage and determination to make a difference.

The Power Suit

A few years after Yves Saint Laurent, another designer managed to change women’s suites once again. At a time when women are fighting for their rights in the workplace, Giorgio Armani comes to prove that women can do it like men, maybe even better. Especially in the field of fashion!

Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenberg may not have invented it, but she is the one who gave it the shape we all know. It became very popular in the late ’70s. It was quickly recognized as a symbol of women’s liberation. This dress has appeared in various forms now and remains highly sought after.

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