Cream blushes are essential in everyday makeup. Unlike powder blushes, you can choose a creamy blush by simply applying it with your fingers. Try applying it to well-moisturized skin, with cream, for a cooler, fresher effect. A few dabs in the center of the apples are enough for the make-up to be fresh and healthy and to acquire that healthy, natural glow.

As the famous makeup artists claim, everything has to do with the correct application and placement of the color. See here 3 must-know techniques used by experts.

  1. Natural color in apples

This technique is best known as it gives a very natural effect, while at the same time brightening the face, as makeup artist Elisa Flowers claims. “You can achieve a healthy and natural glow by placing a small amount of color on the apples of the face and erasing it in circular motions,” advises the expert.

  1. Sunburn effect

The favorite bronzy effect that the sun leaves on your face but how to achieve it with the help of a blush. “The trick here is to create a dewy glow and apply minimal color over the nose, where your sunglasses used to be,” says makeup artist Carissa Ferreri. “And for longer wear, apply a powder blush over a cream,” she continues.

  1. Sculpted cheekbones

How can you give structure to your face and make it look slimmer without the help of contouring? According to Flowers, with a blush just below the cheekbones and right where you would normally apply your highlighter. “Apply the blush in small circular motions with the brush and then blend both up and down,” she confides.

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