This year’s trends include those of eyebrows, which in recent years have left behind the classic shape of the eyebrows and become more strange and eccentric, giving character and style to every woman. After all, well-shaped eye brows can flatter your facial features and give you a seductive look.


The first step to plucking your brows properly is to take a small brow comb and comb them upwards. This way you will see how much your hairs have grown and protruded. Then, with tiny eyebrow scissors, trim any hairs that stick out enough. However, be sure to be slow and careful with your movements so as not to cut too much hair. Then, comb them downwards and with an eyebrow tweezer remove the peripheral hairs, i.e. those located much above and below respectively, from your natural brow line.


If your eyebrows haven’t grown that much but you definitely need to make them up even a little either because you can’t see them unkempt or because your scheduled appointment will be late, try to just pull 2-3 small hairs, which won’t spoil under no circumstances the shape of your eyebrows.


Finally, lighting also plays an important role in fixing the eyebrows. Head to the window of your house and face the sun. This way, you will be able to see even the smallest hair and you will make absolutely no mistakes with trimming.


It doesn’t matter if your face is adorned with thin, sparse or thick, bushy eyebrows that everyone dreams of from Instagram feeds. The only thing that matters is that with the right products you can create the ultimate result that will make you stand out for your well-shaped eyebrows. With different choices in products, with textures that steal the show and finally with results that come to give you exactly what you dream of, the following 12 products will delight you.


Eyebrow Stylus, Nudestix

Tinted Brow Gel, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eye Brows Styler, MAC

Brow Definer, Tom Ford

Brow Arist Xpert, L’Oreal Paris

Brow Define Pencil, Lancome

Double The Precision Ultra-Fine Brow Defining, Benefit Cosmetics

#BOMBBROWS, Fuda Beauty

12 eyebrow products
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