World Radio Day

Πώς συνδέεται το ραδιόφωνο με τη μόδα; Με άπειρους τρόπους!

Όχι, δεν θα σταθώ στη μουσική, που χωρίς αυτή το ραδιόφωνο και η μόδα θα ήταν πολύ – μα πολύ – διαφορετικά, ούτε στο ότι η μουσική έχει χαρακτηρίσει τόσες φορές fashion shows και ραδιοφωνικές εκπομπές.

Αυτή τη φορά θα γίνει λόγος για την ταυτότητά τους που μπορεί να μην το πιστεύεις αλλά έχουν πολλά κοινά. Let’s countdown!

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1. Freedom

Radio is considered one of the most accessible media which enhances freedom of speech. It did not take long for shows to appear for the first time, in which the speaker not only expressed themselves freely by sharing their thoughts but also gave the listeners the opportunity to communicate their thoughts. Accordingly, fashion freely expresses the ideas and feelings of the creator. Its ally? Patterns, textures, colors, movement and materials.

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2. Diversity

But beyond expression, radio and fashion share one more thing in common: diversity. Anyone with a voice can be heard on the radio. Regardless of their race, their gender, sexual preferences, educational level, religion, etc. In the exact way that fashion… is addressed to everyone. Most fashion houses try to meet a wide range of needs by listening to their audience. Besides, do not forget that you create your style by choosing to be as different as you want! And because I know you will think that fashion houses choose models with specific proportions and features, remember that now that has changed…

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3. Innovation

Radio is one of the first mass media, which appeared long before television. Of course, even later, radio continued to be a pioneer. Discussions on social issues, acquaintance with new bands and songs that stand out, tributes, interviews, marathons and much more compose this complex framework. On the other hand, fashion designers are constantly innovating. New materials and designs, versatile clothes and new trends shape the style and style of each generation. But there is always more. Fashion shows that combine technology, ecology, art and dance are just a few examples of the innovative aspect of each creator.

The White Shirt
4. Connection

For the end I left an element that, in my personal opinion, is the most important element of radio and fashion identity. What does connection mean? Everything! Connecting people, connecting thoughts and feelings, connecting the world. Connecting with society and connecting with those around us. Connecting events with specific songs and specific pieces of your wardrobe. Essentially, a connection with everyone and everything.

Happy Radio Day,then, and I’m waiting for you to tell me what radio is for you!
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