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If you wore it, when you were a child, you hated it. It warms you up a lot and sometimes it makes your skin itchy. It is combined in an easy way every time and you can wear it either for a simple walk or for a stylish night out. What is it? You bet the turtleneck.

How did it all start? Let’s go to England in 1800. The British polo players were leading the way and they were wearing jumpers with high neck and that’s where the name «polo neck» came from. First of all, the turtleneck was worn by men and more specifically by troops, fishermen and sailors.

In 1900 the turtleneck was incorporated in the women’s dresses and blouses, turning it into a trend, adopted by the pioneer Gibson Girls.

One figure you should thank for keeping the blazer in the ‘30s is Noël Coward, the author who preferred blazers in bright colors to boring shirts with hazy tie.


Taco Combinations ft. Spring

In ‘50s, the turtlenecks came to the fore again! It is unthinkable to be an artist and not to wear a turtleneck. I bet you still remember Audrey Hepburn’s iconic all-time classic look with cigarette pants, loafers and a black blazer.

The woman, liberated, fights for her rights and becomes independent. Her dynamism and intelligence are dressed in a turtleneck. Yves Saint Laurent, who gave new impetus to the turtleneck, stated that “Chanel has released women. I gave them strength. “And this is the truth! Today it has become a trademark of cool intelligence, unpretentious and artistic outfit.

So what do you say? Is it time to write your own story adopting the chic and powerful look that the turtleneck will give you, leaving behind all the restrictions?

Let me know and stay tuned for more!

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