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Valentine’s Day today and Dazzy Taco tries to show you that today can be more than trivial. I will not motivate you to buy teddy bears, chocolates, to wear something red and sexy, but I will show you how important it is to accept yourself and express what you are without barriers. And, yes, let’s dedicate this day to love in general!

Remember that each of us is special. Do not try to copy someone or change your wishes and views to match those around you. If you are not satisfied by the trends of the time, the solution is simple… create your own trend! If again you are a fan of the new musts, then adopt them in the way that best represents you. Of course, if you feel that you have not yet found your style or you want to make changes, try what you like and what motivates you. Dare to experiment with colors, fabrics, styles and accessories that express you and forget about the others.

We create fashion, because the look that suits us best is the look that communicates who we are – or what we choose to show that we are to other people. And, to be perfectly clear, no we do not choose the pieces of our wardrobe for others. On the contrary, through fashion we highlight the aspects of ourselves that we choose. Our imperfections are our perfect ally. Why? Because it turns into a weapon to stand out. Therefore, embrace and above all love who you are. Body type, sexual preferences, whether we are extrovert, introvert, romantic, dynamic, sensitive, athletic (and many more) are the elements that compose our image.

Take the time to discover yourself, love you and use the elements you desire to create the style that will characterize you and reflect your personality. After all, the people who stood out for their unique style were and are those who did not hesitate to differentiate themselves by showing off their identity in a creative way.

Do not forget that fashion is your ally and helper full of dreams and emotions. It does not define you, you do.


So, don’t dress express the mess!

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