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His name is synonymous to the Greek War of Independence. His image is known to all, younger and older. We are talking, of course, about Theodoros Kolokotronis!

Kolokotronis became a taco and is inspiring us even today! Believe it or not, Theodoros Kolokotronis was and is a synonym for fashion!

You have definitely noticed his rich, handlebar mustache. No, he was not a hipster… His moustache was in fashion at the time and was a symbol of masculinity and power.

Imagine now his rich, long hair hugging his shoulders while they flap from the wind, like the mane of the lion. Dreamy!

And yes! The men at the time had their own beauty tip for shinny and always well combed hair. They used to put on their hair oil or grease from the marrow. Try it or pass it?

Kolokotronis’ style is still alive to this day. Next step skirt and a vest?

Stay tuned to learn how contemporary fashion houses and brands honor the Greek War of Independence!

Time For Taco - 200 years Greece
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