White Shirt

It is the staple piece of every season. It might remind you of school celebrations. Your boyfriend has worn it for an important event at work, while it is considered one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe.

Shirts vary in fabrics and style. Is it a mao shirt, a cotton one with truffled sleeves or oversized?

You don’t need to own all the above. A simple, classic, white shirt that resembles – or actually is – a shirt from the men’s section is more than enough.

The White Shirt
  • What could be more classic than pairing it with a tote bag and a blazer on order to create the most elegant office outfit?
  • Create the perfect androgyne look by pairing it with a suit and Oxford shoes.
The White Shirt
  • Paired with a turtleneck underneath during Winter? A trend we all loved!
  • Make it the perfect fashion piece by adding a pin with a 60s touch or many pins on the one side for a more girly result.
The White Shirt
  • Have you ever thought of wearing it backwards for an unforgettable backless version?
  • Do you remember the trend of tying your sleeves around your waste? You can still do it!
  • Create the funkiest, street style look by pairing your shirt with a midi skirt and sneakers during Spring!
The White Shirt
  • Summer? Why not? Wear your favorite pair of shorts, add a cropped top and wear it open instead of a jacket.
  • Add a hat, many accessories and cowboy boots for a boho look.


The White Shirt
  • Suspenders with a bowtie for a vintage touch or tie with high waisted pants? Get your inspiration from Charlie Chaplin and say yes to the theatrical elements!
  • Go for a bomber jacket with many rings and eyeliner that will give it a rock touch.
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