Red Alert

This season shades of red are here to show off your character, as well as your love and passion for fashion!

Designers Michael Kors, Givenchy, Mugler and Burberry suggest total red looks that will, with all certainty, not go unnoticed!

Jeans hanging from a string outside a window.

If you want to follow this trend to the fullest, then wear a total red outfit. Try to wear the same shade of red throughout the whole outfit and you are ready to go.

Try not to use too many accessories, since this look is going to be impressive as is.

A woman with a blue denim pants and a white shirt on the street.

If you want to go for the beauty version of this trend, choose earthy tones for your eye make-up and pair it with a red lipstick.

To make this fashion trend more business appropriate, wear a red suit or a pencil skirt.

A worn denim pants.

To show your love for colors and mix&match combinations add some hot pink or royal blue details. The extra colors will accentuate the one red piece of your outfit, preferably your coat. This way you can easily create color block looks and follow the trend at the same time.

However you want to follow this trend, remember that red symbolizes passion, love and strength. This color will give you the perfect look that screams of confidence and emotion!

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