Rainy days

Rainy days may make us want to stay at home wearing cozy homewear and the first autumn knits.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish and elegant while still wearing functional and comfortable clothing for walking in the rain, as long as you make the right choices.

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  1. Choose the right shoes

A pair of rubber boots or wellies is essential and especially this year we see that their style reminds more of regular boots, being part of everyday dressing regardless of the weather conditions, while they also have the approval of brands such as Valentino or Bottega Veneta. Similarly, ankle boots and platform boots have a thick enough sole to protect you while walking in the rain.

  1. The right coat

In the “waterproof” category, you will find from anoraks and trench coats to parkas and capes, which can either be worn independently as coats or layered over suits, cardigans and other lighter jackets. The waterproof capes that can “close” the rest of the outfit underneath prove to be extremely convenient. It also goes without saying that a light waterproof windbreaker is not the solution for a storm, which necessitates a longer coat, such as a trench coat.

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  1. Time for sweaters

If rain isn’t the time to pull out the fall sweaters, then when is it? Stylish sweaters are the safest bet for staying warm and can be comfortably paired with both suits and more robust clothing such as jeans.


  1. Trust the colors

A gray day like this accompanied by rains, colors are not only the ones that will cheer you up, but mainly the ones that will take care of your style. Try easy and bright color combos in your appearance that will make a noticeable difference from the usual stylistic choices.

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  1. Go for layering

Layering is a smart way to maintain your style when it’s raining outside. Autumn has the added feature that a storm can be quickly followed by sun and therefore rising temperatures, meaning layering will come in handy if you want to take something off your top. A modern combination is to choose a shirt or a t-shirt under your jacket.

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