nail trends

With nails being the ultimate change in your appearance, every two to three weeks, it is certain that you are ready to incorporate into your reality, everything that is going to be a trend.

All you have to do is the necessary screenshots and then book the appointment at the nail salon.

One step before October, find out first what will be the biggest nail trends for the coming month.

woman's hands with polished nails in coral color on a beach towel
  1. Metallics

The molten metallic effect and iridescent silver finishes give the nails an unreal feel, transporting you to virtual reality. Although this trend prevailed in the past, the truth is that its dynamics remain prevalent today. Dare it, whatever the shape of your nails and you will see how you can finally impress in the moment. This nail art gives so much versatility that you will want to try it again and again.

Woman's Hands with polished nails of random colors
  1. Shapes

For those of you who love flexibility, this shape-shifting effect is a must. It creates a two-in-one look and can change the shape of your nails without compromising on design. It is special for women who want to differentiate themselves, without really “tampering” with their shape. If you are one of them, then just choose a long nail design and file to create a brand new design.

Woman's hands with polished nails in cyan color offering a seashell
  1. Wine Nails

Autumn is not possible without burgundy nails. This year the shade of red that will dominate will resemble that of wine, as Brandon Maxwell and Michael Kors houses clearly stated through their FW23-4 shows.

A woman's hand with polished nails in coral color holding a column in a room full of graffiti.
  1. Sensorial

Nails that feel different to the touch will be a big trend this fall. They are “dressed” with a variety of textures, including three-dimensional bronze objects, precious stones and flowers. They will create a completely non-traditional effect that can change on each nail and bring you a result that you will love. Whether it’s extra embellishments, or varnishes that give a textured illusion, the only thing is certain is that you can’t wait until you try them.

Woman holding a pink drink in a jar, wearing a pink shirt, and having her nails polished in pink color.
  1. French Illusion

The French manicure will continue to concern us next season in its darker version. The PatBo house accompanied its autumn/winter collection with colorful, but also black French manicures, while the Proenza Schouler house completed the looks of its models with a very interesting ombré french manicure in black.

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