A slightly more emotional Sunday than the others, that of May 14, reminds us every year of the tenderness of motherly love.

Mother’s Day is a day of gratitude, full of nostalgia and affection, things that mothers selflessly give to their children. For the great-grandmother, grandmother and mother, not only the one who brings a child into the world, but also the one who nurtures it with all her love, the offering is priceless. A hug and a sweet look is enough to fill them with strength and give back the double, without conditions.

So on this uniquely symbolic day where mothers of the whole world have a leading role, we find the perfect reason to fill them with joy that will make their eyes shine. From a flower, to a tender card or a gift, the gesture that will seal that we do not forget them no matter how much we run in everyday life is the least we can do for the women who take care of us from the first moment we faced the world. They may be moms, but they’re still women, and we love to remind them of that.

In order to always see them well-groomed, we look for the most special gift of beauty for them. Either a beauty set with skincare products, or their favorite perfume, or a scented candle that will make the hours of relaxation even more enjoyable. The gifts chosen by Dazzy Taco are destined to make every mom happy, making the day she celebrates the best of the year.

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