Shiny fabrics in tones of gold, green and bright red make every look special. It may not be the most wearable pieces of the season, but lurex is definitely a trend that designers have given a more glamorous and sometimes a more casual version

woman's hands with polished nails in coral color on a beach towel

These sophisticated shimmers exude a mystery and sensuality that metallics lacked. Clothes and accessories are sprinkled with stardust and resemble the night sky. Dresses, skirts and sets, but also the most disco queen shoes steal the show in our evenings. Feel free to pair them with equally dazzling crystal jewelry.

Woman's Hands with polished nails of random colors

  A lurex dress is every woman’s dream for the festive season. Later you will wear it with a thin turtleneck for a less formal occasion.

Woman's hands with polished nails in cyan color offering a seashell

Now, you can show it off flawlessly in narrow but baggier lines, in trousers, sets but also in combination with the most casual pieces of your wardrobe to achieve the perfect smart casual balance. Don’t forget that you can also choose a tights with lurex effect that will offer comfort, warmth and style!

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