Leather pants

One of the absolute winter fabrics is – without a second thought – leather. Leather pants are a very common choice during the winter season, so we should know all the ways to wear them correctly.

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  1. All day long totals

Create a more comfortable, all day long ensemble by alternating your jeans with leather pants and marrying it with a white tank top and a blazer on top.

  1. Rainy & Stilati

Rainy days require special styling, but that doesn’t scare us. Because very simply with a pair of leather pants (or leggings) and a chic gabardine we can stand out and add interest to everyday life.

Woman's Hands with polished nails of random colors
  1. Chunky Moods

Nice leather pants with delicate shoes, but they are just as wonderful combined with chunky shoes, more voluminous, more mysterious, more XXL. Try it!


  1. Colorblocking with Leather

With leather and style. We love black, but the color also has its own charm, especially in the dead of winter.

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  1. Tone On Tone

Create a harmonious look with leather pants as the protagonist, using a single color palette. The it girls, however, love this technique.

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