Every next year at this time we look forward to wearing the trends of the new season as well as what is in our wardrobe from last year. But every time the eternal problem arises. A messy closet, with clothes that take up space and that we almost never wear.

The White Shirt

Take all the clothes out

Don’t try to organize your closet with all the clothes in it, it’s just wasted effort. Instead, take it all out so you can see what you really need. Then store them by category on each shelf. In this way, they will be properly arranged and you will avoid unnecessary purchases.


Ask yourself questions

The moment of truth has arrived! Are you actually wearing that skirt you’ve been holding on to for the last two years? Or that sweater you didn’t wear at all last year? Sure, fashion trends cycle, but if you haven’t worn an item in a long time, it might be a sign that you won’t wear it again. Excluded of course are clothes that have a special value (like our mother’s vintage coat).

Get a second opinion

Remember the scene where Carrie Bradshaw was asking her friends which outfit to keep and which not to? You can do the same if you feel hesitant to get rid of clothes. Ask a friend whose taste you trust, and the next time you organize your wardrobe, ask for her opinion.


Don’t forget the underwear

Tidying up doesn’t just stop at sweaters and t-shirts but continues in the underwear and pajama drawer. Worn or torn underwear has no place in your wardrobe.

Taco Combinations ft. Spring

Give away unwearable clothes
The clothes hanging in your closet with tags (like that pastel coat you never wore) it’s time to give them to someone in need. Never keep something in the hope that you will wear it next month if you lose weight or change your mind. It is proven that you will never wear it.

Recycle or sell
Once you’ve sorted out the items that don’t need to be in your closet, you can either sell them on E-bay or recycle them at a store.

Organize the hangers
Invest in good quality hangers and hang your clothes by color. Achieving perfect harmony in your wardrobe also has a positive impact on your mood.

Keep a balance
Every time you buy a new piece of clothing, throw away an old one. By keeping a balance in your wardrobe, you prevent yourself from spending a lot of money. Excluding those that you fall in love with at first sight!

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