How to layer: Men edition

Cold wheather means time for layering!

Essentially, it is a “game” of combining different clothes, one over the other.

So let’s see how you’ll achieve it.

The White Shirt

Size matters

The purpose of layering is to create an outfit that on the one hand is warm and comfortable and on the other hand looks fine and polished. So, with this in mind, choose pieces that have the right fit and the right size. Another detail you should pay attention to is the order in which you will wear the layers. Pieces made of lighter fabric are always worn first while the heavier ones are always worn last.

The White Shirt

Play with colour

The aim in this case is either the creation of contrast or the absolute harmony, choosing pieces that match their colors. Consider, for example, how beautifully red fits with brown or blue fits with gray. If you choose to bet on contrast, you have to be careful. The piece that has the most intense color is the one you have to wear as a second “layer”.

The White Shirt

Mix and match

The layering fits perfectly in a more casual and relaxed style, which, however, is best highlighted if you combine it with more “formal” pieces. Think how beautifully a navy blue blazer can be combined with a light grey hoody underneath.

The White Shirt

Please, mind the prints

The right combination of prints is a true art, which you can only acquire through constant experimentation and observation. So if you do not possess this art and you want to avoid any “slik roads”, play it safe and follow the golden rule one by one at a time. Wear a piece with patterns (plaid, striped, polka dots, etc.) and on top a monochrome one or the opposite.

The White Shirt

Denim jacket ftw

The denim jacket is an extremely useful tool when you decide to play with layers and should be in every man’s wardrobe. Two very clever ways to wear it are: unbuttoned under a quality hoody in some vibrant shade or buttoned under a coat.

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