through time

Let’s start with 4 names: Philip Treacy, Eric Javitis, Stephen Jones, Haltson… What’s the reason we know them? But of course, hats!

Small, big, distinctive, or distinct… Everyone loves them! But what’s the story of hats?

Believe it or not, hats are older than you might think! Our journey begins from antiquity! Imagine women and men of the elite society carrying umbrellas and hats, not only to protect themselves from the sun, but also to complete their outfits with a touch of authority (the perfect accessory for their chiton!)

Time goes on and we arrive at Milan of 1500 with the first hatter making his appearance, while at the beginning of 1800 hats are the ultimate must-have item! It was impossible to live back then and not have in your collection some big hats with feathers, flowers, tulle and anything else you can imagine! Marvellous!


Taco Combinations ft. Spring

Moving on to the 20th century, hats kept changing every decade. But the one that stands out the most is the beloved and famous cloche hat. Yes, you thought right… the small hat without a brim, that falls lower in front of the face.

30’s came about, and our collection grew with berets, turbans and hats with big brims. How can we ignore these familiar small hats with the veil? The femme fatale is here and to enchant us with her charms. A while later, the knitted beanie, the pillbox, and the floppy hat complete the list, since hats stopped being an everyday accessory… Unfortunately!

Imagine yourself walking down the street, wearing your favorite outfit, a red lipstick and a hat that brings out your style and features. Now remember some female fashion-icons… I’m sure some of them wear a hat…

So should we embrace once again the beauty of hats? Are you in?Yes pleaseee!

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