Find the ideal
swimsuit for you

Finding the right swimsuit can be… quite the challenge, since there are infinite options in colors and designs. But not every swimsuit is suitable for every woman. So today I have a guide for you that will help you limit your options and lead you to that one suit that will flatter your body in the best possible way. Read bellow and get advised on what you should emphasize while searching the right bathing suit for you.

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Intense curves

You have bigger curves in the hips and thighs area and smaller ones at the top, like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez. The key to the perfect swimsuit is to balance your proportions. This means that you want to create an intense torso that will draw attention from your hips. Choose a ruffle top or even a sleeve to add volume to your upper body. As for the bottom, stay in classic colors and designs. You can also wear Brazilian if you want, but, certainly, do not choose something in the style of shorts, as the extra fabric will catch the eyes in the area you want to cover.

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Plenty of bodice

If you have large breasts, regardless of the lower body, you definitely need as much support as you can find. So aim for pieces that have whale bones and are structured. Also, do not even think for a moment to wear a strapless! Straps are your best friends in your case, as they offer you more support. In fact, the wider they are, the better.

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Small bust

A smaller breast requires less support so you can look for designs with minimal coverage, with decorative details that will help you create the illusion of a larger breast. Triangular swimsuits usually achieve that desired result. In case you want to balance your silhouette a little and catch the eyes, try an amplifying top , but be careful not to overdo it.

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Athletic body

It’s time to experiment with colors and designs with less coverage that will flatter your body and help create a more formed figure. What you are looking for is a bikini with bold prints, ruffles or decorations. Monokinis (bikini-shaped bodysuits) are also a great idea for you, as the sharp cuts in the middle create fantastic curves. In fact, prefer the bottom to be tied at the sides, as this detail enhances your purpose, while making it easily adapted to your size.

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What if you just have a bit bigger belly than usual? Nothing should stop you from making the best appearance on the beach! Whether you want to be more covered, or you want to show off your waist, I have the solution for you. Your first choice is a one-piece swimsuit. Aim for those that have pleats or are in wrap style because the stacked fabric hides any bumps and gives you a more well-shaped waist. The second option and the most fashionable, is a bikini with a high waist bottom. It is the absolute trend for this year and the best way to hide your imperfections, especially if you have some extra pounds low on your belly. In terms of color, you can choose the one that makes you happier.

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