Cowboy boots

Stylists, editors, stars and influencers, we see them faithfully following country culture, while turning cowboy boots into urban shoes and a modern must-have part of a woman’s wardrobe.

The White Shirt

One of the best features of cowboy boots is that they instantly upgrade an outfit, no matter how simple it really is. Include them in any minimal look and give them the attention they deserve. Here Matilda Djerf wore a simple suede pair with a tailored set.

The White Shirt


Blazers – oversized or not – have been stripped of their austerity and are now worn from morning to night. Match it in an oversized line with your cowboy boots with a mini skirt, or if you’re even more daring with biker shorts.

The White Shirt


While the denim on denim trend is back in it can look a little too thematic when paired with cowboy boots. Instead, try toning down the look by pairing your boots with fitted jeans. If you remain against skinny jeans, you can wear the trousers, over the boots, if they are wide enough or flare-cut.

The White Shirt

Mini φούστα

Cowboy boots and minis go hand-in-hand, especially if you’ve acquired a striking pair that you want to show off. So try pairing your boots with a more timeless piece like a mini skirt. This is the appropriate transitional outfit, which you can also layer with a sweater and a trench coat.


The White Shirt


A multi-color pair fits uniquely with a simple dress, A-line type, narrow or even looser. Whether you choose a slip dress, with a sweater on top (for the colder days) or a minimal sweater dress, the result will be equally successful and very stylish.


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