concealer tricks

Concealer is considered one of the favorite products that we use every time, for a more natural base effect. We apply it intensively to dark circles and marks to achieve an even tone on our skin. We discovered on TikTok a trick, which we can do an instant eye lift effect.



How is it done?

We need a thin concealer brush to form small triangles under the inner and outer corners of the lower eyes, but also thin lines ,carefully, on the upper lids.

@lenkalul shows in an Instagram tutorial how we can form the triangles, while she also applies concealer  to the area of the nose as well as to the lips, to give an instant lift effect to these parts of her face as well.

on the other hand, makeup artist Vincent Ford recommends using different shades, one that matches the skin tone exactly and one slightly lighter, so that the result looks more natural.

Οι πορτοκαλί ή οι κόκκινες αποχρώσεις είναι ιδανικές για όσους θέλουν να διορθώσουν τον τόνο της επιδερμίδας -για παράδειγμα, για όσους έχουν μαύρους κύκλους.

Orange or red shades are ideal for those who want to correct the skin tone – for example, those with dark circles.

Another video with millions of views is by makeup artist Victoria Lyn, who has her own version of the concealer eye lift. Instead of drawing multiple lines that all point down, she applies a small horizontal dash below her eyes and a strip in the outer corner that points in the direction of her eyebrows.

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