Color On Eyes

The fashion trends from the biggest fashion houses are transformed into the top colorful makeup options.

Extreme neon is transferred from the international catwalks, highlighting the eye area with intense colorful eyeliner in the shades of orange, yellow and green.

The most fashionable decade of 80’s comes back and imposes intense color palettes that cover the entire eyelid.

The glamorous era of disco adds sparkle in your everyday life with colored glitter that will not go unnoticed.

Ombre shades create color blocking versions with a combination of intense shades such as orange, yellow and green that cause a pandemonium of color and magnetize the eye.

You, who want to follow the new trends of makeup, but you love nude shades, you can make the difference by adding small doses of neon in the form of eyeliner and in different shapes.

Summer’s favorite blue color emphasizes the eyes and completes successfully your every outfit.

Pastel shades like lilac are inspired by the colors of the flowers and are transformed into in fashion colors that will lift your make up.

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