Christmas Knits

How can we combine glam and comfort? We will draw on our favorite knitwear, a special category of winter dressing and take advantage of one of the top trends of the season, embellished knitwears.

woman's hands with polished nails in coral color on a beach towel

If you want to combine comfort with the glam element, choose fluffy knits in dark but also bright colors, with gold threads and sequins, with pearls, stones, metallics and anything else you can think of in glitter. They fit perfectly with the festive atmosphere and are combined with both jeans and leather pieces for a quieter and more relaxed outfit.

Woman's Hands with polished nails of random colors

There is, of course, another way to have the comfort and warmth of knitwear with a more playful attitude, and this way, in fact, is called ugly sweaters. Sweaters and cardigans with Santa Claus, trees, garlands, snowmen and other happy and humorous designs, which will give a more relaxed mood to your outfits. Do not hesitate to try them, especially for the morning hours and choose the most beautiful and funniest!

Woman's hands with polished nails in cyan color offering a seashell

Of course, there are also the most elegant options, which can give a happy note to your appearance without looking kitsch. While in any case these knitwear are a very good idea if you are preparing for some Christmas trip or vacation.

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