SS ’21

How does the idea of creating a mini emergency wardrobe sound?

What would this wardrobe entail?

    The basic pieces are the ones that will help you create the most in fashion looks and at the same time the most minimal looks. You only need 10 pieces to create spring and summer outfits with a lot of styling points.
Capsule Wardrobe Business
Capsule Wardrobe Street Style
    1. The charming tank top.
    2. The pair of blue jeans you love.
    3. The oversized shirt you love.
    4. The all-time classic white t-shirt.
    5. The flowy skirt that takes you everywhere.
    6. The long blazer that adapts to every occasion.
    7. The floral dress with all the summer vibes.
    8. The charming boho kimono.
    9. The one piece bathing suit that hugs your body.
    10. The pair of shorts that comes along to every vacation.
    For shoes you will only need a pair of white sneakers, a pair of nude pumps or high heel sandals and your flat sandals!

    What about accessories? A pair of sunglasses in a neutral color, a backpack to free your hands when you are walking, and a mini tote bag for business outfits are more than enough! Add a hat for extra styling points and you are ready to start the game of combinations for morning till night looks, business outfits, homewear looks, beachwear, and outfits for your vacation!

Could you ever imagine that all these can happen with only 10 basics?

Capsule Wardrobe Vacation

Could you ever imagine that all these can happen with only 10 basics?

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