All time classic Outfits

You admire them for their talent and their originality. You definitely want to treat your wardrobe to at least one piece of clothing or accessory. We are talking of course about Greek designers.

Every version of black&white is an all-time classic combination that will win you over. A black or white piece may seem too plain at the first glance but is offers points of elegance. They remain must-have items that show off our femininity and they always win us over.

Jeans hanging from a string outside a window.

Vasilis Zoulias’ timeless dresses will make you feel like a fairytale princess. Their 50s A-line make us travel back in time and revive this decade’s elegance.

A worn denim pants.

We love Evi Grintela-Karatza for her unique shirts or shirt dresses that give you style points for every one of your looks through the day. Shirt or dress? It’s your choice!

A woman with a blue denim pants and a white shirt on the street.

We admire Stelios Koudounaris for his unexpected combinations. Every one of his collections are the epitome of color and inspired combinations.

A woman wearing denim pants holds her left rear pocket.

Orsalia Parthenis’ minimalism wins us over at first sight, since with the right styling choices you can achieve quickly and efficiently an everyday or evening look.


A group of three all wearing denim.

We fall in love with George Eleftheriadis’ ideas. He has a unique way of giving a carefree character to timeless pieces we all want to have.

A woman wearing denim pants holds her left rear pocket.

Ioanna Kourbela can easily turn knit into a cropped top, a cardigan, or a jumper. Her ability to find a new approach to knits inspires us and wins us over.


A group of three all wearing denim.

Every collection by Zeus+Dione goes above the rules of design and style. They are all based on our rich mythological heritage and filled with symbolism.

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