The biggest fashion rule is that we are free to wear whatever expresses us. But there are also some small mistakes that, according to the experts, should be avoided.

The White Shirt

Functionality, high quality, timelessness and simplicity. If we had to describe the essence of minimal style, these would definitely be some of the concepts we would use. Minimalism, this very special form of expression has managed to gain more and more attention from women who appreciate this way of expression in clothing. However, many fashion lovers often hesitate to indulge more in the minimal style, since they do not know which are the stylistic rules that are really worth following and which are not.


The minimal wardrobe consists of fewer clothes that are ethically made, cruelty-free and made from environmentally friendly materials. It means freeing ourselves from everything unnecessary and making our purchases more consciously and more responsibly. It means choosing quality over quantity. The minimal wardrobe gives us fewer options that we love to wear more. This creates a different way of thinking for us. It’s like wearing a very special outfit every day.

Taco Combinations ft. Spring

A minimal wardrobe is based on quality basics that are very simple, but always look polished and create the most elegant looks. We also saw it at the recent Paris Fashion Week. Among the many impressive looks that followed the trends, simplicity stood out and all these less is more looks that simply proved that the minimal look never goes out of fashion. To adopt this aesthetic, it is enough to keep in mind that every detail counts, from the fit, the fabric, the seams, the colors, the buttons. For example elements such as sculptural silhouettes, oversized lines, soft textures, distinguish a sleek piece from an ordinary one.


The essentials of the minimal look

A simple but elevated wardrobe includes new classics, such as pleated trousers, straight-leg jeans, a wide blazer, a shirt with an ideal fit, coats in shades that are easily combined with all the pieces. Of course, accessories also play an important role. Chunky gold jewelry, leather boots, retro style sneakers, are the final effortless touches to a look.


The colors are neutral, such as gray or neutrals and of course the always classic black could not be missing and of course it is better to invest in quality fabrics, such as cotton, wool, leather. As we now go through the period of renewing our style with the new arrivals of the season, we invest in all the staples that always look stylish and provide the solution to everyday dressing.


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